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Eaton Cooper B- Line, formerly known as Tolco to the sub-system commercial construction; mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection industries has been around since 1967. As a reputable distributor, Tri Star Industrial offers B-Lines complete leading lines of metal products used in the support of Pipe Hangers and Support Equipment for industrial, commercial, utility and HVACR applications. With the demand of Cooper B-Line products specified on a wide amount of private, public and federal based projects we at Tri Star Industrial are competitively priced and widely available. Tri Star Industrial can serve your company to maximize profits.


Please consider us when searching for: Clevis Hangers, Loop Hangers, Riser Clamps, Pipe Fixings, Universal Support Systems, Pipe Clamps, Beam Clamps, Structural Attachments, Rooftop Supports, Shields and Saddles, Strut and Strut Accessories, Threaded Rods, and Sway Bracing.

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