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Fabrication Division

Get a quote: call us at 602-252-0554 or email
For fabrication help, email:
John White -
Erin Taylor -

Person Welding

Our pipe support fabrication division is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of fabricated pipe supports and related metal items across the United States.

We work individually with customers, or as part of a team, to ensure that the quality of our products and our service is consistent with your project specific requirements. 

“With our qualified fitters, machinists, and certified welders we can provide fabricated products utilizing:”

Plain Carbon Steel - Shop Primed - Epoxy Coated

Hot Dip Galvanized - 304 and 316 Stainless Steel

    6061 Aluminum - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic 

    Including all Exotic Alloys

We look forward to providing your company with competitive bids, great customer service and the highest quality products available.

Complete take-off and engineering services are available whenever required or we will provide a quote based on

take-off provided. Detailed project specific submittal drawings will be provided once the project is awarded. Our goal is to provide unmatched service and quality fabricated products to ensure that your projects are successful each and every time.

Strong customer relationships and service are the foundation of our company. 

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